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  • Production - Module 5 (Basic Mastering)

    This is Module 5 of our Music Production course which is delivered 1 on 1, face to face at one of our studios we have available (in the north of England) by one of our experienced Producers. This session follows on directly from "Production - Module 4". In this module we look at some fundamental points and techniques for mastering a track ready for playing in the club or release. Mastering is the essential final stage in achieving a great sounding track. Mastering is what allows your track to compete or even outshine when compared to other similar tracks. Note: this session teaches hands on music engineering skills. You will leave with a certificate acknowledging your attendance and a foundation knowledge of the skills needed to achieve a great sounding track that is ready for performance and/or release. Minimum Age: 16 (please contact us directly at to discuss teaching children under the age of 16). Prerequisite: People attending this session must have attended Module 4 and/or have an excellent knowledge of at least one Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and previous experience using Virtual Studio Technology (VSTs). Module 5 – Basic Final Mastering Techniques Why master? The "Loudness War" Audio formats and different delivery mediums Dynamics, Spectral and Temporal processing EQ for Mastering Compression Saturation/Excitement Limiting If you would like more information on this or any other service we provide, please don't hesitate to contact us at We would be more than happy to help.


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  • MC Steal | TiOS Digital | United Kingdom

    Book MC Steal MC & Host Ste “MC Steal” Hull is an MC and Host based in England, UK. ​ Ste has been listening to Hardcore music since the age of 8 years old back in the mid 90’s. He used to listen to Dreamscape and Helter Skelter tapes and was particularly inspired by acts such as Scooter and Paul Elstak. ​ It wasn’t until 2007 when he saw MC Wotsee live at a HTID event he decided he wanted to be an MC. By 2008 he was performing weekly shows on Krafty Radio and had his first live booking in Manchester as well as opportunity to go B2B with the mighty MC Whizzkid just 6 months into his career. In the same year Ste also won his first ever competition at “Missing” which subsequently led to a main stage booking and residency at the event. ​ In 2009 Ste won a second competition, this time at Xtreme Energy, which earned him a residency at all of the pre-parties before major events such as HTID, Raverbaby and Uproar. After that his name began to grow rapidly across the UK. ​ In 2010 he came first place in the “Ravers Got Talent” competition gaining him a residency and main stage bookings for Raver Reunited. Over the next few years, as well as gaining several residencies, Ste also had the pleasure of performing with some of the scene’s biggest names such as Darren Styles, Recon, Gammer, Dougal, Hixxy, Scott Brown, Squad E, Technikore, Joey Riot, Kurt, Sy & Unknown, Seduction, Gary D, Cocooma, Gollum plus many more… ​ By 2013/14 Ste was far from done. He was nominated for the Hardcore Heaven Breakthrough Awards as well as winning the HTID Weekender MC competition in 2014. Around about the same time he co-founded “Masters Of The Northern Sound” (MOTNS) which quickly became one of the fastest up and coming brands in the scene featuring in an article in the Raving Eye magazine. ​ In 2017, after a break focussing on family life and the birth of his son, Ste took a change in direction and started working in the UK Makina scene. Since then he has achieved a lot working with major brands and artists such as Monta Musica and MC Stretch. Since then Ste has been passionate about spreading the love for Makina, beyond its ancestral home in the North East of England, across the UK. As a direct result of his hard work Makina is featuring more and more in UK events. ​ In 2018 Ste signed to the record label “The Future of Makina” (TFOM) where he continues to work spreading the Makina sound with his old friend Daz Distorter as well as promoting his new event “Seismic: the illegal warehouse rave experience”. ​ Ste has more recently reopened the UK Hardcore chapter of his career by signing to TiOS Digital where he is aiming to bring a greater collaboration building on his work with Makina music. Facebook Twitter SoudCloud Beatport Albums* Our Sound - The Album USB *4 Track features 2021 Discography M-Project Feat. MC Steal – Million Miles [Scarred Digital] 2014 M-Project Feat. MC Steal - Hardest Bass Around [Scarred Digital] 2014 Onex & Trax Feat. MC Steal – The Hardest Bass Around [Bionic Digital] 2015 M-Project & MC Steal – Escape The Bassline [Scarred Digital] 2014 M-Project Feat. MC Steal – Crazy MF [Scarred Digital] 2014 Psychosis fT. MC Steal - Knock Knock [TiOS Digital 2019]

  • Dawes | TiOS Digital | United Kingdom

    Book DJ Dawes Ben “DJ Dawes” Dawes is a UK/Happy Hardcore DJ based in Derbyshire, UK. ​ Ben found his roots in hard dance music in the early 2000s. Thanks to his mother he grew up around Hard House then eventually found albums such as Bonkers & Clubland, and live sets from the New Monkey, TFI & Dizstruxshon. ​ In 2010 Ben started raving, at hardstyle events around the country, following one of his mates and DJ ‘Sykesy’ at Goodgreef, Harder Times, Mayhem, Atomik etc… Ben eventually started going to UK Hardcore events and discovered his love for the music. It wasn’t until around 2013/2014 that he had a go at DJ’ing and he found himself putting a couple of mixes out and eventually landed his first booking in 2015 at Goodgreef Xtra Hard in Newcastle. Ben was up against Lab 4 and Andy Whitby in the other rooms on the night, he played a reverse bass set and packed the room out, and it was from that moment he knew for sure that he wanted to entertain and play music to people. ​ Ben continued playing Hardstyle and got another couple of bookings for WYTM doing some free party’s and then started playing Hard House and Hardcore. ​ In 2015 he teamed up with his friend Patrick Cullen and they formed the due Cullen & Dawes. The due went on to win the Subb Sonic and Clubland Weekender 2017 competitions (to name a couple!) and the rest is history. ​ Ben has performed at some of the country’s most well-known events such as Subb Sonic, Welcome To The Jungle, Ravers Reunited, HVR, Northern Underground, Pulsation, We Play Hard, One Big NYE & One Big NYD, One Big Bash (Leeds,) Zodiac and Pleasuredome. ​ In early 2018 Ben moved to Derbyshire around the corner from MC Dandy. The two got their heads together and the duo “Double Damage” was born. Double Damage have been running live streams recently averaging 4,000 listeners and are surly building a great following. ​ Ben has recently acquired a full studio set up and is turning his focus to production and with his signing to TiOS you will see his work on the label in the near future! Facebook SoudCloud

  • Kev-instinct | TiOS Digital | United Kingdom

    Book Kevin Instinct Producer, DJ & Vocalist Kevin Instinct is a UK/Happy Hardcore producer, DJ and vocalist based in the UK. After discovering Breakbeat and Happy Hardcore in the mid-90s, Kev had his first experience on vinyl decks in 1999 and was hooked from the start. By 2002 Kev had decided that he wanted to do more than just mix records. Shortly after he undertook a music production course in a local recording studio called "Higher Rhythm" ran by local producers / engineers, Steve Mundin & Alex Dean. After finishing the course with top marks in half the allocated time the studio team pushed Kev and offered him a job there. His path was firmly locked in and from 2003 - 2006, Kev was a studio engineer and course tutor for Higher Rhythm. ​ Meanwhile Kev was also working on his own music and DJ skills (gaining a reputation locally for his scratching abilities). By this time, Kev was getting regular bookings at various hardcore (& trance) private parties, Clubs and events across South Yorkshire such as TFI Friday, Generate, HardcoreHolics & more! Kev was also greatly privileged to be able to perform at the National Centre For Popular Music in Sheffield, before it sadly closed its doors. ​ In 2009 Kev started his own record label “Clubscape” and his first release "In Your Arms" hit number 3 in the Trackitdown top 100 hardcore charts! It was followed by another release called "Rockin' In The Club" which also charted at number 7! The two tracks were noticed by Jamie Ritmen (Clubland X-Treme Hardcore) who ran UK Dance Records (previously Force & Styles' label). Jamie suggested a collaboration with Kev which led to a track called "Bring The Light" being released on UK Dance Records in 2010. The track charted and stayed at number 2 in the Slammin' Vinyl Hardcore Charts for 12 weeks, only kept away from the top spot by Ultrabeat & Darren Styles! After that Kev made an original track called "Please Don’t Walk Away" for which he produced, wrote & performed the vocal. That track also charted in the top 100 and went to number 4! Building on this success Kev teamed up with his friend at the time (now partner), Channing and produced another original track called "Breathe Again" which charted at number 6 in the top 100 hardcore tracks! In 2017, following 3 more years of pure studio graft, Kev came up with an original track called "Breathless" which attracted positive reviews from Evolution Records bossman, Scott Brown. This led to Kev being instantly signed to “Total Hardcore Digital” under the condition that he would supply more tracks. Which Kev did. He made various new tracks such as: “U & Me” (ft Channing), “Push Em Up”, “My Heart” (his own vocal), “This Euphoria” (ft Hypertrax & US artist and queen of happy hardcore, Zoe Van West), He then made a track with Zoe Van West called "Heroes" which was Zoe's opening track at the mighty Metrocon event in Florida, USA. She also performed "This Euphoria" at the same event. As well as re-launching the mighty UK Dance Records in mid 2017, Kev has been signed to TiOS Digital which is ran by Kev’s longtime friend and childhood school buddy, Moses "M30" Olivier. Kev has many more releases to come on UK Dance, Total Hardcore & TIOS and has more forthcoming projects with Zoe Van West, Jamie Ritmen, Hypertrax, Ultravibes, Brady, M30, V-Star, Channing, SonicSound, Nylar & many more! ​ Beatport SoudCloud Albums* Our Sound - The Album USB *4 Track features 2021 Discography Jamie Ritmen & Kevin Instinct – Bring The Light (Don’t Stop) [UK Dance Records] 2010 Kevin Instinct ft. Channing – Is It True [Yorkshire Core Records] 2015 Kevin Instinct, Rasper & Golly ft. Channing – Endless Fellin’ [Yorkshire Core Records] 2016 Kevin Instinct ft. Channing – The Only One [Yorkshire Core Records] 2016 Rasper ft. KIM – Hardcore Love (Kevin Instinct Remix) [Voices Of Hardcore] 2016 Kevin Instinct – Push Em Up [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017 Kevin Instinct – My Heart [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017 Kevin Instinct ft. Zoe VanWest – This Euphoria [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017 Kevin Instinct ft. Channing – U & Me [Total Hardcore Digital] 2017 Kevin Instinct – Your Nightmare[Total Hardcore Digital] 2017 Kevin Instinct – Spectrum [TiOS Digital] 2018 Jamie Ritmen – Jack Faith [UK Dance Records] 2018 Kevin Instinct – OMG [TiOS Digital] 2018 Kevin Instinct - Calling Out [TiOS Digital] 2018 Kevin Instinct - The Ancient Way [TiOS Digital] 2020 M3-O & Kevin Instinct - Quick Love [TiOS Digital] 2020